Friday, 27 July 2012

Happy Olympic Friday!

Captured at my local train station on a glorious Summer's day (yes, really! No...honestly!)
The preparations have been made and the waiting is over: today is the day that the London 2012 Summer Olympic Games officially opens. To everybody involved in whatever capacity, I wish the very best of luck, and for myself and the rest of us spectating, I wish a truly jaw-dropping Opening Ceremony and an exciting two weeks of sport. 

Now, on the face of it, saying something like, "I'm really excited about the Olympics," may seem like the most innocuous statement someone could make, and yet I'm finding that in some quarters, it isn't. In fact, it's proving quite incendiary. For every voice that agrees with my own feelings about the games, there comes, at times, a louder and sometimes positively furious stream of negativity. Now, I understand perfectly that the Olympics are not everybody's idea of a good time. Just as I suspect I might melt at the sight of a single episode of the X Factor or Britain's Got Talent, so too would some people when taking a glimpse at an Olympic event. 

Sport aside, I've both heard and read varying degrees of negativity about the games, from shrugging apathy to outright contempt, and that's fine, honestly, if that's how you feel.

There are many, many news articles bemoaning the 2012 Games, and it seems that at times, the press have been baying for blood. I, too could fill page after page with criticisms about incompetent organisation, but like any major event, there are always issues to pick fault with, and always negative statements to be made. 

Does it become almost easier to criticise than to celebrate? Is it justifiable to remark on the amount of public spending contributing to the Olympic Games while forgetting the countless other uses of public money that circle the drain of complete waste? And isn't it easier to talk about the evils of corporate sponsorship when you forget that most of us buy into these huge, global companies day after day on our trips to the supermarket?

The Olympic Games is first and foremost about sport - about watching athletes perform at the highest level, and at the very peak of their powers. To concentrate only on the negative while forgetting the whole reason for the event in the first place takes away from the dedication these athletes have put into their pursuits and doesn't give proper credit to their superhuman efforts.
So today, on the day the world looks to my historic, contradictory, infuriating, beautiful capital city, I'm not afraid to say that I'm excited, and that I'm happy, genuinely happy that the Olympics Games are being held in London. I'm looking forward to watching the best of the world's athletes, and I'm also looking forward to an Opening Ceremony that encapsulates everything wonderful about the country I call home. There's nothing wrong with entertaining, nothing wrong with forgetting your troubles and being swept along in a joyful moment. So please don't pity me for taking so much pleasure in this event, because I'm not going to let you - I'll be too busy enjoying myself.

Photo by me.

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  1. Ok, point taken. You're the only one from whom I shall withhold my lengthy rant because I like how you've made your point. ;-) Enjoy and have a lovely weekend xo