Thursday, 16 February 2012


I should begin this blog post by saying the following things, and in this order:

Happy Christmas! (Did you have a restful, food-filled time?) Happy New Year! (Here's hoping this year is all that you would wish) And finally (and most recently) Happy Valentine's Day.

It was the 1st of December when I last sat down in front of this familiar screen with the blinking of a cursor before my eyes, and lots of things have happened since then. I should rephrase that, reasons for neglecting my blog, as they go hand in hand. Firstly, there was a trip to Canada for Christmas and New Year. After which came much feverish packing, followed by a house-move. We had known it would be happening prior to leaving for Christmas, but it was as busy and as messy as all house-moves are, and inevitably left us with too many boxes and, until a few days ago, no internet and phone.

So, now all connections with the outside world have been restored and the pile of boxes dwindling steadily, I can (hurray!) reconnect to the blogging world I enjoy so much.

Hello everybody, I'm back!

View from the plane, somewhere over the Atlantic
A beautiful, amazing snow-covered Newfoundland
Toronto by night
The Good Stuff!
This is as close as I get to the CN Tower...thanks, Vertigo!
Escaping packing for a weekend getaway here: Thoresby Hall Hotel, Nottinghamshire
The gardens and estate at Thoresby on a frosty day
Sunset on my way home from work
All photos by me.


  1. Dear Laura,
    Welcome back! I'd almost given you up for lost. I look forward to receiving your answers to my questions about blogging for the Fashion Tales conference in Milan. The more responses I get - the better. Strangely enough, even bloggers - most of whom seem to rarely lack words to express their thoughts - seem to be reluctant to share their ideas. It is my hope that I can recast the blog as a creative portal, but I need more input. Best wishes!

  2. Hello Ingrid! Sorry to cause alarm. I was temporarily lost - or rather forcibly cut off - but here I am again!

    I'll be emailing you my answers for your paper very soon. Just formulating a few ideas and thoughts into something coherent for you. I'm really happy to share and really excited for you!

    Your blog already is a creative portal - for me anyhow, but I hope more people come forward.