Sunday, 13 November 2011

A State of Flux

Dinner Plates L-R: Bendot by Marcus Steel, Geometrix by Sarah Callard.
Daisy Chain by Amy Clarke, Novella by Marcus Steel & Rosette by Denise Moloney.
Daisy Chain by Amy Clarke.
Mugs L-R: Bendot by Marcus Steel, Splat & Geometrix by Sarah Callard.

Largest plate: Splat by Sarah Callard.
Smaller plates: Bendot by Marcus Steel.

Bottom plate: Willow Blues by Jenna Stanton.
Left hand plate: Spiro by Harry Davies.
Other designs seen and credited above.

Various designs, seen and credited above.

Assorted test pieces and idea boards.

Test pieces and design sketches.
A few weeks ago, I attended the launch of a new ceramics company designing and producing wares entirely in Stoke-on-Trent. Flux: Stoke-on-Trent was established last year at Staffordshire University; harnessing the creative power and technical knowledge of the university's MA Ceramic Design students and graduates in a fresh, exciting and innovative way.

Taking the classic and perennially popular blue-and-white colourway (take Spode's Blue Italian as an example), the Flux team have paid homage to the ceramic heritage of the city while producing designs that are strikingly modern.

There are various designs to choose from, and because they are all made using the same colours, buyers can either select matching pieces, or mix styles to produce a unique set.

The launch party was well attended, and there was a definite sense of excitement in the air. This is not production on a massive, industrial scale, yet perhaps in smaller, design focused companies like Flux lies the promise of a future for pottery production in Stoke-on-Trent, and I - for one- certainly hope so.

For further information on Flux: Stoke-on-Trent, visit their website, here.

All photos by me.


  1. Dear Laura,
    I love all things blue and white and there are a few pieces here that I wish I could get my hands on. Lucky you for going to the opening... Do you have a collection yourself?

  2. That opening must have been great. I wouldn't know which pattern to choose, though I guess that they could simply be mixed since the colours would be the constant that pulls it all together. Have a great week xo

  3. Hello Ingrid! it was a great opening, and really inspiring to see so many people so enthused about ceramics production in the city. Just what's needed, I think. I love blue and white, too; it's classic but always beautiful. I have a very few pieces - vintage teacups and saucers and small plates with mostly Willow or pastoral scenes on them. Not worth very much, I'm sure, but lovely nonetheless.

    Hey Carole! I'm in the same predicament as you. The patterns - ALL of them - look great together and mixed with one another, and I just couldn't pick which I liked best. It was so great to see strong, design led pieces. I'm not sure of their pricing, but I really hope they take off.


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