Saturday, 12 November 2011

Autumn Colours

Hello! It's been far too long since my last post, but here I am. I'm not going to give a raft of excuses for my hiatus, but this blog - and, in turn, all the lovely blogs I read have not been far from my mind.
So, Autumn is here again and it's my favourite season. The most elegant of seasons, I always think - showy, yes, but with a touch of melancholy that signals the coming of winter chills and bare branches. Autumn is also my favourite season to take photographs, too. Not just for the contrast of colours, but also for the misty mornings and, for me, the most beautiful of sunrises to be found all year. 
This time a good few years back, I shot a series of photos at the theme park, Alton Towers. These days it may be home to famous roller coasters, but before any of that came into being, Alton Towers was owned by the Earls of Shrewsbury, who built a house there to be used as a hunting lodge. The house slowly grew in grandeur over the years, and by the 1800s, was a lavishly appointed neo-gothic residence with large, landscaped gardens.
As anyone who has visited Alton Towers will know, the house - the Towers - still stands, but is a gutted and derelict shell. Although listed by English Heritage, it stands in a pretty woeful state, but visitors to the theme park are still able to wander it's cavernous rooms and passageways. The gardens also remain, and it is here that I took my photos. Also listed, and still maintained, the gardens are a beautiful reminder of what once was. Victorian conservatories stand empty now; the statues crumble and fountains play on. A wander through the vast paths and avenues reveals surprise after surprise, as the screams of ride-goers and hum of the theme park disappear and silence abounds. 
It's quite easy to get lost in this garden-labyrinth, but that's no bad thing, for within the ghostly echoes of what Alton Towers once was, lies a beauty all of its own.

All photos by me.


  1. A warm welcome back to blogland. You've been missed. I adore autumn, too. I call it the creative season for artists and poets. So painterly and inspirational. xx

  2. Oh I wish I could take a walk among the ruins to take some photos too. I especially love the statue. Welcome back. I've missed your posts.

  3. Welcome back! The second photo is so beautiful, then again, so are the other ones. Funny, whenever I hear Alton Towers, I just think of roller coasters - not that I've actually ever been there... This is a beautiful Autumn post, unlike today's weather ;-) xo