Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Saying Goodbye to Summer

It's been so long since my last post, and yet time has flown. There have been busy times, but also a lovely, relaxing holiday - and a fittingly balmy goodbye to the summer. No, it wasn't spent in England (I'm not going to start on our none-event summer), but by the seaside in Spain.

We met fearsome creatures with a penchant for sea-bathing...

...admired sweet-smelling Bourgainvillea...

...viewed the world from the shade of an umbrella...

...and swam in sea as warm as bath water.

A great end to the summer.

NB - If you're dreading the impending autumn months, then read this blog post by Deanna Raybourn. Autumn is my favourite season anyway, but she extols its virtues so beautifully, I'm already itching for the leaves to turn...

Photos by me.


  1. Hi Laura,
    I hope you had a lovely holiday in Spain! It's nice to have you back...
    How is your Spanish? I think I was invited to a fashion show in Madrid, but the invite is only in Spanish....
    I too like fall but don't like what comes after fall. It's so cold in Canada in the winter.

  2. Hi Ingrid, we had a great time, thanks! My Spanish is sadly lacking I'm afraid, but I know all the essentials: hello, thank you, please, water...cheese. Yep, all the essentials covered. Hahaha! Great that you were invited to Madrid. :)

    I haven't lived in a Canadian winter, but have been in Toronto during January. We went to Niagara and braved the falls. I don't think I've been so cold in my life, and I wore two coats!

    Andressa - thanks, and thank you also for visiting. :)

  3. Aww, I like those pictures simply because they still scream "Summer"! Love the colours of all those flowers - great shot.

    Sorry I haven't been in touch in a long time, somehow I never seem to find the time to actually write a proper mail addressed to a person - sad, I know ;-)

    I hope you're well? Have you started a new job yet? Love from London xo