Wednesday, 2 March 2011

One Year Old!

Today, this blog is one year old. One year ago today, I decided to go for it, and so The Beau Monde Gallery was born. It hasn't been my first foray into blogging, but in so many ways it's been new and exciting, and exciting is also what this past year has been. There are always downs in everybody's year, but today I choose to honour the ups of the past twelve months - times that have made me laugh, smile and be glad - true visual treats.

Captured: Eighteenth Century Gentleman's Waistcoat (Detail)

Captured: Thoresby Hall, Nottinghamshire
Captured: The Library at Thoresby Hall
Captured: Spring Forsythia in my garden
Captured: Lovely peeptoe heels
Captured: Canadian Ranger and Toronto skyline
Captured: Mucking around with dinner
Captured: The Blue Room's vivid wallpaper, Thoresby Hall
Captured: 'Brother Cadfael' rose - in the garden
Captured: Kedleston Hall's grand staircase, Derbyshire
 Captured: Garden wall and door, Calke Abbey, Derbyshire
Captured: Cloud gazing in the garden
 Captured: Toronto skyline from the Manulife Centre
Captured: Radcliffe Camera, Oxford
Captured: Bonfire Night
Captured: Britannia salutes the fallen
Captured: Mince Pies and tea
Captured: Santa on the mantel
Thank you (a million times over) for stopping by, reading, commenting and following. I have met some truly lovely people, and in turn have been inspired over and over again. I can't tell you how much that means. Here's to another year of blogging!


  1. You've captured many beautiful images and it is a treat to see some favourites again in one post. Congratulations on your first anniversary. May there be many more! Best wishes.

  2. Happy Blog-Anniversary! I like the way you're looking back at those pictures from the year, they are fabulous and beautiful. I'm happy to be one of your followers and always find inspiration in your blog. Cheers to a lot more high-brow posts ;-D xo

  3. Hello Ingrid - Thanks! It was nice to choose my favourites and put them all together. Thanks for the congratulations. I'm looking forward to many more posts to come!

    MP- Thanks to you, too! I'm so happy to have you as a follower, very happy to follow your beautiful blog, too. Inspiration everywhere! Much more high-brow posting to follow, haha! :) x

  4. Has it been a whole year already! Time flies... gorgeous photos and a great journey with you. I look forward to another year of following your blog! And to getting back to blogging myself :)

  5. Polly! Hello, so brilliant to see you back! Hurray! :) Thanks for being on the journey with me: have missed your comments. :)

  6. Hey Laura. Congrats! I think your blog is really thoughtful and well curated - well done! x

  7. Hello there! This is a wonderful blog and your photos are beautiful :) I'll stop by again soon xx

  8. Hey Karen, thanks very much! x

    Hello Jo, very lovely to see you here! :) Hope you're okay! xx

  9. Happy Anniversary, Laura! At the end of this post there was a thumbnail of one of my favorite photos from your blog - the one of the peacock. A beautiful and unforgettable image. I look forward to another year of friendship.