Friday, 25 February 2011

London Fashion Week Favourite: Topshop Unique

Today's post fast-forwards several hundred years from eighteenth century style to a one of my favourite shows from this week's London Fashion Week. The great-and-the-good of the fashion world have been at large in England's capital, showcasing designs for autumn and winter. For me, the best catwalk shows always have an element of the theatrical; yes, the shows' purpose are to display a designer's wares, but it doesn't mean they have to be boring. When the catwalk is treated like a stage, the whole thing is so much more fun.

Topshop may not be a designer label, but they are an institution on the British High Street. From their flagship store at Oxford Circus, London, to their branches both large and small around the country, they have been at the forefront of affordable but edgy fashion for years. I have Topshop clothes both old and new - my oldest being a vintage floral print dress that my Mum bought back in 1981. As Topshop seems to be attempting world domination (with stores opening around the globe, including New York and Toronto) it seems only fitting that they also take a piece of the action at Fashion Week.

For their Topshop Unique show this week, models stepped out to the Cruella Deville theme from Disney's 101 Dalmations. The clothes had a strong dalmation influence, too; there were dalmation print coats and jackets, cardigans and jumpers emblazoned with canine faces, spotty-dalmation print gloves, bags and shoes, and dog-print dresses, blouses and suits. 

And the models? Cruella Deville styled hair, black bows and painted noses completed the homage. I've always had a huge soft-spot for Topshop, and this week's show confirmed what I've always thought about the store; that they're fun, irreverent and quirky with an edge. Long live Topshop!  

All images courtesy of Marie Claire UK.


  1. I really ought to call round at Topshop when next in London. I love the models' hair. It's playful, fun and matches the garments quite well.
    Have a lovey weekend.xx

  2. How fab! I've only been in a Topshop once in London and knew they were in New York but totally missed that they are in Toronto. I must go check it out.

  3. Fashion, Art.. - The hair is great isn't it? Kind of reminds me of Minnie Mouse ears! Have a great time, too.

    Ingrid - Topshop haven't been in Toronto for long. They're on Ossington & Queen St. West if that helps. Check it out and let me know what you think of the Best of British. :)

  4. Sorry Ingrid, should also have said that it's a store within a store: Jonathan & Olivia. Hope you can find it!

  5. Oh posts? Where is the high-brow post I expect when I stop here? HAHAHA! Only joking (yep, back at you). Those outfits look fun and I too have some Topshop pieces in my wardrobe - to mix with my Chanel of course (I wish) ;-) Hope you're well xo

  6. I know...shocking!

    It's very niced to be described as "high-brow." Hahaha!

    I'm good thanks. Hope you are too, and that you enjoyed your time off! x