Monday, 10 January 2011

Things to See: What Will She Wear?

Satin Wedding Gown, 1885

The first Things to See post of the year is something for fashion and history lovers, as well as romantics of all ages (and quite possibly those in the throes of wedding organisation, too!) The Fashion Museum in Bath has planned a Valentines Day opening for its What Will She Wear? The Enduring Romance of the Wedding Dress display; an exhibition that will show off the museum's collection of wedding gowns through the ages. Curated to commemorate this year's Royal Wedding, What Will She Wear? will also incorporate a large collection of archive photographs of 1930s wedding dresses. It's sure to be a feast of silk, satin and lace; a frothy celebration of romance as well as style and the perfect antidote to the winter blues.

The exhibition will run from the 14th February 2011 until the 8th January 2012.

Image courtesy of the V&A Museum (as The Fashion Museum unfortunately lacks much of an online catalogue).


  1. Many thanks for this link! I am a mother of the bride...trying to be helpful to my daughter. It will be fun to browse the collection at this link.

  2. Dear Laura,
    I sure wish I could pop over the pond to come and see this exhibition. I've never made it to Bath, but I've heard they have a fabulous collection.

  3. Hello Mother of the Bride! I'm sure you're helpful to your daughter, and only wish you could zip over to view the lovely gowns in person!

    Ingrid - I wish you could, too. The Fashion Museum has changed in the last few years (i.e there isn't a huge amount of early modern fashion on display any longer - there used to be a wonderful timeline gallery - but these temporary exhibitions make up for it, and their collection is breathtaking). And Bath is beautiful. You could spend several days seeing all their is to see.

  4. Is it wedding madness over there, yet? I'm actually looking forward to the Royal Wedding. I love all the frenzy that goes on...but, of course I'm over here and I suppose it's a lot different from your perspective. I would love to see that exhibit!

  5. Congratulations on a great blog, a little different than the other, feminine and sensitive.
    Greetings from Transylvania!

  6. That just has to be better, nicer and far more interesting than the usual "wedding shows"... being a total romantic at heart, I think I'd love to see that exhibition... Wishing you a good week ahead, Love from London xo

  7. Catherine - Not quite madness (yet, anyhow) but I would say a decided interest! Also stirred up by "quality" magazines like Hello! and OK. I have a passing interest, but honestly nothing more. Although an extra day's public holiday is always received with thanks!

    Vasile - Thanks for visiting and for your lovely comment. I'm so glad you like what you've read so far!

    Mademoiselle Poirot - I agree totally. Something different but more inspirational than a wedding fair. Looking at dresses that have been worn to weddings over hundreds of years can't fail to be romantic and beautifully nostalgic. Sigh. :) x