Thursday, 23 December 2010

Merry Christmas!

Christmas is nearly upon us again, and as I sign off for a few days, I'll take this opportunity to  make a few wishes for you...





Have a very Happy Christmas - in whatever way you celebrate, I wish you the very best of everything. 

Christmassy photos of my house, by me.


  1. I was looking for your email address the other day to send you a card, but no luck. So, to you too a very happy Christmas, health, love, friends and a great new year. I look forward to more of your great posts ;-) Lots of Love from London, Carole xo

  2. I LOVE that bottom ornament! Is it made out of felt?! My obsession this Christmas was felt ornaments and that one is a keeper.

    Happy 1.1.11! Happy to have found your blog. Cheers

  3. Hope your holidays were as cozy as your little nest here. Wishing you a sparkling New Year, Laura. Thank you for your comments and your friendship.

  4. Bonsoir Laura, I wish you a very happy new year filled with health, love, laughter and lots more beautiful and inspiring posts ;-) Love from London, Carole xo

  5. Carole - Happy New Year! Thank you for inspiring me and for your brilliant encouragement, and here's to all the great things to come this year! :)

    Abby - Hello! Thanks for visiting and it's lovely to meet you. Yes, the big white cat decoration is made of felt, and just like our actual big white cat (although he draws the line at wearing a Santa hat). Happy New Year!

    Catherine- The holidays have been lazy, relaxing and very cosy. All the best for 2011 for you, too. Thank you a million times over for your comments and friendship, too.