Thursday, 4 November 2010

Swinging Minis

Austin Showroom, 1960s
The 1960s and minis: two words that you often hear spoken together. But it's not just tiny little skirts that are synonymous with the period, but tiny little cars, too. I might not know much about cars, but I do know that one day I'm going to own a Mini. Forget the new version masquerading as a Mini under a well known German car label; it's the Austin Mini that has the real style...

Mini, 1968.
Yes, they're tiny and unfortunatley not designed with tall people in mind, but it's a perfect little car for haring around windy English country lanes. They rattle, whine, vibrate; the suspension is hard as a rock and your head's proximity with the car ceiling means that humps in the road can cause lumps on the head...but all that said, it's brilliant fun. And I want one...

Mini Cooper & Mini Cooper S, 1967.
I often see beautifully restored Minis out on the roads and they always turn my head. The design is instantly recognisable and iconic: a bulbous little head with those round headlights and petite curves. I can never decide between racing green or bright red, nor can I decide on where the Union Jack flag should go (because there has to be one somewhere)...

But I suppose that if a Union Jack on the car itself isn't possible, I could content myself with these glasses instead. Groovy!

All images courtesy of SwingingLondon via Flickr.

NB - I know that Blogger's idiosyncratic formatting issues are legendary, so wanted to know if anybody else struggles with posts that include a lot of images, like I did with this one? I finally gave it up for a lost cause after much messing around and looking at HTML codes etc, but really dislike the irratic look of certain posts. Does anybody have a quick and easy fix for the spacing around images? I would be eternally grateful! :)


  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this post! I love the original Mini - quirky, classy and individual. However, the new one is overpriced, sreams "nouveau-riche-pink-velour-and-ugg-wearing-fake-tan-addict-blonde-who-cannot-drive" and quite frankly tacky and common. IMHO ;-) Maybe a bit strong...? Mais non - some things just need to be said :-D Hope your week was good, Love from London x

  2. Haha, you're very welcome! I agree about the new Mini...I've been sat here sniggering at your description! :D You're right, some things do need to be said...

    We can go for a spin in my old (but perfect) Mini anytime (just have to get one first)...