Friday, 3 September 2010

Weekend Daydreaming

Whichever way you dress it up, summer is unfortunately winding down. But that's not to say that there isn't the chance for some warm, golden and lingering days ahead. I always see September as a transitional month that begins its change slowly at first before picking up the autumnal pace and chill towards the very end. Warm days, however, are not unusual at the start of the month (and are very welcome). I'm sitting here contemplating the weekend ahead, including spending tomorrow in Oxford. What are you up to? Whatever you do, have a lovely time...

Photo by me.

PS- Any suggestions for good places to eat in Oxford are gratefully received! :)


  1. But it really is the best part of year! Am I really the only one who absolutely loves those chilly dewy mornings, intense low light and yellows and golds everywhere?? I'm really excited about this September and I hope this weather lasts!

    A couple of Oxford recommendations: Jam Factory is great for food and coffee! Albion Beatnik is a great independent bookshop that also serves coffee, it's probably my favourite bookshop ever but beware, you won't leave with your hands empty!

  2. It's been very nippy here in sweden lately; september that is often quite nice and warm up here in the north...but i really love the autumn...or more the idea thereof...the tea-drinking and snuggling-up, the wrapping up of oneself in woollen shawls and the rosy cheeks.

    but what a beautiful field! -you really seem to have a talent for landscape photography, -i still remember those gorgeous winter pictures you postet on beau monde fact; i think i might still have them on my laptop.

  3. Thanks Polly! I did get your recommendations before we left on Saturday. Didn't make it to The Jam Factory, but did spend an inordinate amount of time wandering around Albion Beatnik! What a brilliant place! Hope you had a lovely weekend...and I do also love chilly, misty mornings and the way the light seems so different. It's a transitional month, but a beautiful one. Hope you had a great weekend.

    Tutta- Rosy cheeks, tea and soft shawls all sound wonderful! I'm really glad you like my photos. I haven't had as much chance lately to photograph as much as I would like, but the field photo is a scan of a print from film (actual film, imagine that!). I'm currently waiting for some slide film developments to come back from Kodak and I can't wait to share them! I will be sure to post more photography for you. :)