Sunday, 12 September 2010

Wandering In Oxford

War Memorial Gardens at Christchurch

Last weekend, my boyfriend and I took a day trip to Oxford. It was a beautiful, warm day and the crowds were out in force around the main shopping areas of the city. Leaving the crush behind, we wandered into the lovely expanse of the War Memorial Gardens that skirt around Christchurch College. We admired the expanse of green space (rugby pitch included) and took sneaky peeks through wrought iron railings into immaculately kept college gardens and up warped and well-worn stone steps. These are the secret spaces off limits to the public (and always more tempting because of it).

Dining Hall at Jesus College

After lunch and more wandering, we found ourselves inside the walls of Jesus College. With just ten minutes before the doors closed for the day (to the public at least), we wondered if we would be able to have a look around. "We're only a small college," the reception porter told us with an almost apologetic smile. "It won't take you very long." And she was right, Jesus is small, but worth seeing nonetheless. The floorboards in the dining hall creaked as we walked around, gazing up at the portraits of Deans and benefactors of years gone by. Pride of place is given to the portrait of Elizabeth I, founder of the college. 

Radcliffe Camera

More happy sauntering in the long shadows of afternoon brought us to Radcliffe Camera, where we stopped to admire it's beauty from all angles. In the afternoon sun, the building stones seemed to glow.  

Final stop of the day was made at Albion Beatnik (made at Polly's suggestion), poring over the crammed shelves before we made our way home. (Thank you, Polly!)  

Photos by André.


  1. You're so lucky to have all that antiquity nearby. The austerity of that dining hall makes me squirm - I can't imagine taking a 'happy' meal there! But the Radcliffe Camera is gorgeous.

  2. This sounds like a wonderful day! I love Oxford with all its dusty nooks and crannies...

    really glad you found Albion Beatnik and thus joined the bloggy fan club of the bookshop! I hope you didn't spend a fortune... but even if you did, I'm sure it was well worth it.

  3. What a glorious place! The beauty of it really makes me regret being such an irretrievable dunce!

    Just a question; How did you add captions to your pictures? i've always just included captions underneath each poc, wich rather messes up the posts...


  4. Catherine- I felt that way too. I half crept around the room like I expected a severe looking prof to marerialise from the woordwork and tell me off!

    Thanks again for the Albion Beatnik tip, Polly. We had great self restraint and didn't buy anything, but spent ages going from shelf to shelf. Lovely place!

    Tutta- It really is a beautiful city and I hope you get the chance to visit one day. (And I'm sure you're not even close to being an irretrievable dunce!) About the captions: when you upload the photo and it frames it with options such as changing the size, there is also an option that says "Add Caption". A text box then appears beneath the picture and you can add your caption. When you view it as a post, it puts a neat little frame around for you. It's not foolproof (like a lot of blogger's formatting) so beware it still doesn't mess your post up!

  5. Ah, Oxford, I recall the beautiful days and years there during my education - such fond memories, too.