Thursday, 16 September 2010

A Home For Your Books

Today I wanted to share a few images of bookshelves and home libraries I've been looking at online. The reason? For one, a house move is not on the far-too-distant horizon, and for two, books at home seem to multiply at a rate of knots and I like to stare covetously at pictures of lovely bookshelves. It's nice to wonder and daydream about how you envisage any future space that you might live in, and because books are some of my favourite things, daydreaming about about a home library is of paramount importance. (!)

How about books in the dining room? (this is the current arrangement at home for me, so isn't too out of the ordinary at all). Not only that, but black walls and shelves. By the light of the crystal chandelier, I imagine this space is warm and inviting. Black isn't always an oppressive colour, but maybe this is a little bit much...

...At the other end of the spectrum then, how about a light-filled, white room to house your books? A big table to read upon and a ladder for the hard to reach heights. (Perfect if you're not so very tall, like me). What I like about both the black room and the room above is the fact that the neutral colours on the walls, floors and shelves make the books the colourful focus...

...nobody could say that the books aren't the colourful focus here. Taken one step further, these tottering stacks become works of art in their own right. It's a quirky room, but with the warm exposed bricks and beams, it's welcoming...

...Finally, this is my idea of a perfect home library space. Floor-to-ceiling shelves in a bright but not stark room, crammed with years and years worth of collecting and soft looking chairs to sit in and get lost for a good few hours...

Images courtesy of Elle Decor and Canadian House & Home.


  1. oh yes, I also love to daydream about arranging spaces and about books! those rooms seem perfect, especially the last two... where I live now books rule all spaces - apart from bathroom - they live in the bedroom, lounge and kitchen - but it's a small flat and I have pleny of books so that's the only way to keep them all

  2. Oh, What a lovely post, dahling!

    They're all so gorgeous in their own ways...though i'd probably opt for the first one...I love the idea of cavernous library, where one could cuddle up...but then i'd require a great big couch instead of the dining table, some armchairs and a proper fireplace. Then i'd be happy!

    -as for now i have the wonkiest set of bookshelves imaginable, it constructed so that it wobbles when you touch it ever so slightly...but it's been standing for eight years now, so i guess it's safe.


  3. I know we are kindred spirits because too love books. I dream of having a room with floor to ceiling bookshelves. You would not believe all the books I have. My bookcases are overflowing and there are stacks of books all over my house. One of my favourite libraries ever was Yves Saint Laurent's library - which is not unlike the one you favour most. There is a pic of it on my blog somewhere....

  4. Although I have bookcases in every room (except the bathrooms) I have to say my favorite is the dining room with tall white bookshelves with cornice tops. It always pays to invest in good wood, otherwise they'll bend from the weight of the books. Ikea shelves are benders. It would be great if, for the price, they held up, but they don't. Book lovers deserve the best shelving! (And so do their books.)

  5. Polly- I'm glad I'm not the only one! Now I come to think of it, I also have books in the kitchen and living room as well...oops! They'll be packed up soon enough and I hope that wherever we live, there will be room!

    Tutta- Thanks! I agree, a fireplace would be a must as well. Meaning a proper old fashioned open fireplace. Your own book shelf sounds very funny! Let's hope it stays standing for another eight years and beyond...

    Catherine- I agree and I can say from experience too that Ikea shelves are definitely benders! I think that when we move, we will certainly need new shelves and I'm hoping they can be good, solid ones. :)

  6. Ingrid- I just realised that I hadn't replied to your comment and I'm very sorry! Kindred spirits definitely.I dream of floor to ceilaing bookshelves. One day, one day! I'll look for the Yves Saint Laurent picture- thanks for the tip :)

  7. Hi Laura. I too would love floor-to-ceiling bookshelves somewhere, and lovely cosy seating to curl up in and get lost for hours. Sometimes when you are grown up and working all hours of the day it seems so hard to find the time to read. I really liked the choices of room that you made, especially the last one. And a ladder. Oh yes, a ladder.

    And that's such exciting news that you are moving house (I hope it is exciting for you!) I just love a new place to live, as you know. x

  8. Hey Karen- Not enough time: just one more curse of being a grown up! I'm with you on the ladder (for a proper library feel!). As for the house move, it's very, very exciting and I will keep you posted! Hope you are okay x