Thursday, 26 August 2010

In Pursuit Of Silliness

Hello everyone - I'm back! I got home from Toronto later than planned on Friday (much later) due to hellish M25 and M1 traffic. Phew. After catching up on sleep, I'm back to blogworld, happy to say hello and read up on what I've missed. Toronto was humid but great and now I'm looking forward to exciting changes in the next few weeks and months. For today, all I wanted to share was a little bit of silliness. Being silly is good for the soul, I think; often underrated and overlooked when feeling fraught/nervous/tired/busy. So to that end, I give you me and a Whoopie Cushion. If you have no idea what one is, the Wikipedia article is enlightening. (!) Couple this with the fact that I'm standing in front of a favourite picture of Audrey Hepburn exuding her usual poise, beauty and elegance and it becomes even sillier. I hope you find the time to inject some silliness into your day and have as much fun as I did with the Whoopie Cushion...

Photo by André.


  1. I just read the Wiki article and it says that the whoopie cushion was invented in Toronto!!! I'm feeling so proud and patriotic right now: Whenever you are flatulent, think of Canada! :D :D :D

  2. Welcome back, Laura. Toronto must have been beautiful, I've never been to Canada but would love to go one day. I do wonder what all those exciting changes are about and hope you'll share them soon?

    I love a bit of silliness and I do know about the whoopie cushion...what I don't understand is why somebody now has "invented" the Whoppie Pie?!?!?! Does that have the same effect? ;-D

    I hope the weather will cheer up a bit soon where you (and I for that matter) are. Have a good rest of the week, Love from London, Carole x

  3. Silliness is good for the soul. I like it!

  4. Hello again! Did you have a good time? I'm also curious about all the exciting changes

    this is a great photo, silliness can be really good for the soul! I'm back from holiday too but for now no time for silliness... another couple of days and I hope to relax and be a bit silly too and reopen my rusty old blog

  5. Killer B- I can't imagine how proud you must be right now. Want some time alone to process this gargantuan achievement? :D Oh! Canada...

    Mademoiselle Poirot- Good to see you back as well, Carole. What on earth is a Whoopie Pie?! I'm going to have to research this. x

    Ingrid- It really is!

    Polly- Hello! I did have a great time. It was busy but good. I look forward to you reopening the rusty blog! Mine is rather neglected at the moment, too!

    As for the exciting changes; well, it involves a house move and and a new start. Can't wait! I will be keeping you posted, I promise! x

  6. Love this happy, silly photo of you. I could use a bit of silliness myself. I've looked up many things on wiki but that isn't one of them. I know what one is...but now I'm curious as to how it was described!

  7. Thanks Catherine. :) The wiki article is an interesting description of a pretty primitive device. Great fun: I think everyone should have one!

  8. whoopie cushions?! oooh, I want one!:-)