Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Summer Details

Summer details are to be found in the golden hour when the shadows lengthen and stretch before you like the lingering evening. The world exhales around you...

...when the sky erupts with colour and the sun sinks low over warm seas...

...and when a sip of Iced Tea makes you recall the first time you tried it on your first holiday abroad, at an elegant little café with marble topped tables in Valetta, Malta. The glass was tall and thick and you slurped away as the four of you watched the world go by. (And yes, you really did have those sunglasses, and yes, your brother really did wear that Ghostbusters cap).

First photo, Staffordshire Countryside, courtesy of André.
Second photo, Gumusluk on the Bodrum Peninsula, Turkey, by me.
Third photo, my brother, Mum and me, Bugibba, St. Paul's Bay, Malta, courtesy of my Dad.


  1. Beautiful photos and such a great travel memory. I hear such good things about Malta. Cool glasses for such a little tyke!


  2. It really is a stunning country; I hope you visit one day! I really wish I stil had those glasses, haha!