Monday, 28 June 2010

In The Garden

Apologies for the lack of posts this past week. Unfortunately, I haven't been in the best of health these past few days. But having said that, the lovely weather in this part of the world has meant that I've been able to enjoy the garden; actually being in the garden rather than contemplating it through the windows. It seems in the past few days, the flowering plants have literally burst into life. I was getting a little concerned that plants which should be flowering with abundance were somewhat slow to catch onto the idea, but I needn't have worried.

The roses are in their first flush of flowering; beautiful flowers of varying sizes and types, like this full-petalled old English variety, Brother Cadfael. I bought this a couple of years ago at the David Austin Plant Centre in Albrighton, Shropshire. It's well worth a visit if you love this kind of old English style rose as much as I do. The flowers are so full and heavy, they gently bow the stems and nod benevolently in the breeze. I can't walk past this part of the garden without stopping to breathe in the heady scent and brush my hand along the velvet petals.

Earlier in the year, my brother planted these Sweet Peas for me from seed, and has subsequently built a wigwam from pea canes in order to let them climb and grow. I have no idea what variety this Sweet Pea is, but it has the most delicate blushing lilac flowers, darker around the edges and seeping inwards until there is only the slightest suggestion of colour there. I love to watch the way Sweet Peas thrive and grow; the way their curling green tendrils cling and wrap around the canes (and around each other) as they stretch on upwards towards the sun.

This straggly looking thing is the Courgette plant. I know, not much of a looker at the moment, and not a very elegant pot either, but I've grown courgettes before and am always amazed by just how quickly they grow. It's a few days since I took this photograph, and it has already doubled in size, with new leaf growth and the promise of some flowers too. Those bright yellow flowers signal the beginnings of the courgette itself, and I confess that I've been feeding this bad boy like an old gent entering the prize marrow contest at the village show.

The poor Thyme plant looks totally lost next to the Oregano. When I originally planted these two they were the same size, and there they sat in perfect equanimity for a little while until the Oregano decided it was time to grow like mad and shove the Thyme up to one corner, where it now trails miserably over the side. Oregano seems to be the only herb I can grow with any kind of success. Attempts at growing Coriander, Parsley and Basil have fallen under the fatal munchings of slugs and snails. This two-herb pot sits by the side of the back door, for easy reach when there is the need to grab a handful to throw into whatever is cooking.

My favourite time of a summer's day in the garden is when the twilight is just beginning to creep across the sky. It seems that at that time, everything is still and calm. I can hear the blackbird singing from the chimney top, and the garden smells come alive. The fragrance of roses mingle with the Sweet Peas, Lavender and herbs, and as I water the pots of summer bedding, the smell of wet soil and geranium leaves joins them. This is the time to breathe in the summer, to be as still as the soil beneath your feet and just be.


  1. Hi Laura, oh yes, very early morning, when it's still cool and all I can hear is some birds singing, smell the fresh (as fresh as it gets in London anyway) air and taste freshly brewed coffee...beautiful. That rose looks gorgeous & I do hope you're feeling better soon. Love from London x

  2. I'd love to have a garden, I'm very envious of anyone who has one. Even though I don't think I would be much of a gardener. I think I'd stick to plenty of grass to sit on, some old trees and a couple of those gorgeous roses from your first photo. It's stunning.

  3. Mademoiselle Poirot- I was torn between early morning and evening, and I agree that it's a gorgeous time to be in the garden. I do feel much better thank you! x

    Polly- I do love this little garden. It's not big but there is grass! :)