Saturday, 12 June 2010

Happy Days

Here's some silliness for a Saturday evening. You know, while you're waiting for the football to start...

Two places I have been:


Two favourite drinks:

Tonic water, chilled so it's very cold.

Two summer jobs I have had:

Working at a global pizza establishment.
Working in a school uniform shop.

Two TV shows I watch:

QI and Gok's Fashion Fix. Yes, Gok's Fashion Fix. I know it's rigged, but I like to watch him make dresses out of coats, tutus and curtain rings because I can't sew. (Unless buttons count in any way).

Two places I would like to visit:


Two fave retro TV shows:

Happy Days

Two places I have lived:

Where I'm living now.
Bangor, Gwynedd.

Two fave dishes:

A really good pizza with a beautiful, crispy base.

Two things I am looking forward to:

Seeing my boyfriend.
Seeing my boyfriend.

And finally, as England prepare to play their first World Cup match against the USA, and as the usual nailbiting rollercoaster for England fans begins, I give you the best football song. (If you can forgive David Baddiel and Frank Skinner singing off key), and as Karen reminded me yesterday, I give you the absolute worst football song ever. Ever. New Order, what were you thinking? You let John Barnes rap. You let Gazza tell us all to express ourselves. You let Lily Allen's Dad cavort like an idiot in the video. There are copious slow-mo shots of Chris Waddle's mullet. Ouch.

Altogether've got to hold and give...


  1. That's a really cute list! I'm with you on the pizza. And yeah, the New Order song is truly terrible. It hurts my eyes! x

  2. I have friends who visited Malta last year and raved about it. Another friend attended school there and also raves. I'm intrigued!


  3. Thanks Karen! A crispy pizza base is essential.

    Catherine, Malta is a really special place. I'm lucky enough to have been twice now. The coastline is so lovely, Valetta is the most elegant of cities, and the people are so friendly. See, I rave about it too! :)