Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Culinary Inspiration

Looking back at my posts today, I realised that since beginning this blog back in March, I haven't mentioned food once (apart from a very brief mention in my previous post).

I think it would be fair to say that I eat well. That's to say, I don't eat stupidly, but I do enjoy myself. Between myself and my boyfriend, we're on the quest to find the perfect 1. Burger. 2. Houmous and 3. Falafel. (Tried making Falafels at home...unfortunately disastrous). We both love to cook at home, and between super-sharp knives and a huge and unnecessary collection of crockery, we work as a very efficient team. The food we cook is nothing overly elaborate or stupidly fussy, but it's tasty and we enjoy what we eat together. We've cooked up batches of pasta and gnocchi, deliberated over the potential contents of our fail-safe chick pea stew, stoically dealt with disappointments and smugly congratulated one another on our successes. 

Recently, I've been turning more and more to food blogs. They are largely a new discovery for me, and that's not to say that I had no idea they were out there, but that as I read more of them, I appreciate more and more that most of us are not Marco-Pierre White or Gordon Ramsay. We're not Martha Stewart. Real kitchens are smaller; we make do with the equipment we have...we make mess, things go wrong, but it's fun all the same.

Some favourite food blogs of mine are:

Smitten Kitchen- Deb cooks beautiful food from her kitchen in New York and puts it into a really easy to navigate index. I've never had a S'more, but wow do I want to make this S'more Pie. It would make me feel sick as a dog in the end, I know, but still...

Traveler's Lunchbox- Melissa's blog is well established and has a huge following (and a not-to-be-sniffed-at mention as one of The Sunday Times' best food blogs). For me, Melissa's writing causes me to want dishes that really, I know I wouldn't like. But that's the beauty of a well-written food blog; inspiring you to try (or at least consider) food that you wouldn't usually give the time of day to. 

A Wee Bit Of Cooking My most recent discovery. Here, Wendy combines simple, lovely food with photographs of the stunning area she lives in. I found a recipe here for Baked Honey and Mustard Butterbeans and I really want to try them.

I hope these give you some inspiration for your own experiments, and long may honest cooking prevail!

Image courtesy of Retrogasm 


  1. I would say I also 'eat well' - my husband and I love to cook together too and do so with great efficiency (as long as I'm in charge! otherwise I nit-pick). The best falafel I have had... ooh, L'As du Falafel on Rue des Rosiers in Paris was amazing. Eaten alone on a freezing March lunchtime standing in the street. Bliss.


    In the UK? the Falafel King van in Bristol was great.

  2. Hmm...let's see: Best burger, humous and falafel? That's easy - My house! HAHAHA!!!

    Seriously, as far as I'm concerned:

    Best Falafel (sandwich): Tarboush Restaurant, Mississauga Canada
    Best Falafel Ball: Sababa, Toronto Canada

    Best Burger: City Inn, Manchester UK, although the ones my dad used to make were the stuff of legend.

    Best Humous: 93 Harbord, Toronto Canada

    Come to think of it, there are few things I've eaten on this planet that some Toronto resto doesn't do VERY well...Good city to go for dinner, I say. :)

  3. have you tried this foody blog? http://domesticsensualists.blogspot.com/

    I can recommend it 100% AND I can personally assure you that both lady authors are excellent cooks. I dined at both of their houses and each time it was utter culinary bliss.

  4. Hi Karen, thanks for the falafel tips! Am dying to get to Paris, so maybe I can try these one day soon! I will check out the link, thanks!

    Killer B- Thank you as well for the eating tips. Didn't get to try those places the last time I was in Toronto, but have eaten at some very nice places. Total agreement about The City Inn and their amazing burger. Who'd have thought it? :)

    Best falafels I've eaten so far are at The Evil Eye Lounge in York. They come with a super spicy but really tasty chilli sauce, and their chips have this really amazing seasoning too. (And the cocktail menu is huge).

    Polly- Haven't read this blog but will certainly do so, thanks! What a lucky girl you are :)

  5. By the way, Killer B- The best houmous comes from superior food processors, I'm sure you will agree with me...

  6. I do agree. In fact, as far as making humous is concerned I've learned that a good food processor beats a good blender every time. Like The Zohan said, it's all about the silky smooth - good olive oil helps in this regard, but the twin blades of a processor are the way to go here...and how about some saffron and paprika!!?? Mmm...now that I've got myself going, where did I put those chic peas?

  7. 93 Harbord- I have been there, haven't I?! The best houmous, I agree. And, as the Zohan says, truly silky smooth. I have plenty of chick peas and paprika ready, but no saffron unfortunately...

    Is it wrong to want houmous and pitta at nearly 9:30am? :P

  8. I enjoy reading smitten itchen, too. It's difficult to find excellent humous in Paris, but when I call round at my eatery for organic, homemade humous - Delish!;-)

  9. Thanks for stopping by :) Smitten Kitchen is lovely, isn't it?

    The homemade houmous sounds tasty!

  10. Hi Laura, you just have to stop by at Dinners and Dreams(http://www.dinnersanddreams.net/). Nisrine is lovely and her moroccan food is gorgeous. I love food too - well, I am French - and when I make burgers myself I make them with half lamb/half couscous, served with mixed salad and tzaziki...yum ;-) Love from London x

  11. Hi Mademoiselle Poirot, and thanks for the foody link; I will be sure to have a look. You can never have too many recipes you want to try, and your lamb burger recipe sounds delicious! x