Friday, 28 May 2010

A Song For Europe

Living in Europe and not yet made any plans for Saturday night? Were you thinking of a nice, relaxing evening in front of the telly; take-away, wine, popcorn, perhaps? So tired from a hard week at work that you weren't even contemplating getting up from your armchair for the whole night? may want to rethink those none-plans. Say yes to the dinner invite, go to the pub, go to the cinema, go out for a walk. Quite frankly, go anywhere that will get you away from the television or I fear you might just melt like the Wicked Witch of the West.

Yes, tomorrow is Eurovision Song Contest night. One single night of collective musical misery from around the continent in every way, shape and form, ranging from dull, through all shades of mediocrity (with a lengthy stop-over at camp) and onwards into the surreal and ridiculously weird. The sad thing about the BBC's coverage is that there isn't even Terry Wogan's stinging commentary to laugh at anymore.

Anyway, if you want to see how it should really be done (UK entry, take note), watch Sébastien Tellier's performance from a couple of years back. I think the French (all credit to them) stopped caring about Eurovision a long time ago, and Monsieur Tellier gives a performance of Gallic insouicence and irreverance, complete with buggy, bearded female backing singers and a helium filled inflatable globe...

Sébastien Tellier, Divine.


  1. gosh, is it really today? I must say I had no idea it's Eurovision time again. I will be spending evening at home, but I doubt I'll watch it...

  2. I'm afraid it was! (Cringe) I think your time was definitely well spent watching something else!

  3. Oh, I loved that French entry! Hilarious and suitably weird :-)

    Sadly the telly in our B&B was on the blink on Saturday night so we didn't watch it :-)

  4. Haha, me too! Actually, I think his music is pretty cool and have NO idea what he was thinking when he entered Eurovision. The helium sucking moment is my favourite. :) x

  5. Hi Laura, thanks for your comment on my blog. Your blog is really cool - maybe apart from the Eurovision entry ;-) - and I love the title and header photo... I'll definitely be back to read more :-) Love from London x

  6. Hello Mademoiselle Poirot, thanks for stopping by, and for the lovely compliments! Guess I ruined my street cred by talking about Eurovision, hey? But then again, if Sebastien Tellier can partake... :D

    I'll be back to read more of your blog too x