Friday, 7 May 2010

Predator: Potatogeddon

Predator-Potato had been stalking the kitchen for days. No food stuff was safe from his malevolence. Carrots had been puréed, onions sautéed and peas...shelled. Chocolate had been mercilessly melted, cookies were crumbled... and the bread? It was toast. Predator-Potato had taken everything in his path. He had even tenderised the steak. The kitchen was decimated; there was nothing left and no trace of him, save for the starchy residue on the counter

Only one hope remained...

Col. "Spud" Schaeffer and his crack team of battle hardened commandos are sent in to deal with the problem. Spud and Predator Potato are set for a showdown that can have only one outcome.


Photos and styling by AB. All accessories- model's own.

**Who says because you're grown up you actually have to act like you are?**  


  1. haha! that's very funny, esp. Col. Schaeffer. Love the cigar x

  2. Hahaha, thanks! The cigar is what makes it; no self respecting sweet potato would be seen without one :D x