Friday, 21 May 2010

Peepshow Reprise

Seeing as I'm not going to be living in this house for much longer, I've been taking spring cleaning to more extreme lengths in these past few weeks and throwing out piles of accumulated rubbish. Today it's been the wardrobe's turn for a sort out, and it got me thinking about the post I wrote a while ago in which I wondered about personal style. I always knew that I gravitated in very definite ways towards certain things, but when your whole wardrobe is laid out on your bed at once, it can be something of an eye opener!

Stripes: Narrow, wide, Breton, diagonal...

Polka Dots: On blouses, vests and pyjamas...
Prints: Lovehearts, anchors, stars, flamingos, Mickey, circles and weird trees...

In other house related news, today I also decided it was high time that the little ceramic fireplace in the bedroom needed a proper vacuum and clean. Pulling out the grate, it was then that I discovered two intrepid slugs had somehow made it down the chimney and had set up shop. It's not the first time I've found slugs in this house (unfortunately) and I have no idea how they manage it. I appreciate this house is a little bit on the vintage side and therefore has more gaps and hidey-holes for all manner of spiders and such, but really...slugs?!


  1. I'm not going to comment on the wardrobe bit cos I'm a man, but if you found slugs in your fireplace - YOUR fireplace: the one with the blocked chimney that's on top of a sheer roof that's on top of a sheer brick wall, all of which to say is REALLY far from the garden from whence they came...deep breath...they must have been the two smartest slugs on earth. In fact, had you listened carefully, I bet you'd have found that they were discussing their plans to take over the world...Serves the little bastards right, actually. I bet they looked pretty funny getting sucked into and then shredded in your Dyson! That'll learn them not to make their evil plans...

    ...I can picture the mess now!!! Come to think of it, if Karen's reading this, I see definite cartoon potential... :D:D:D

  2. Exactly; this is my confusion about the whole thing. Did they tunnel like the Great Escape or something? Or was it those zip wires like Mission Impossible? But as I say, this isn't the first time I've found little gits like this in the house. First step...the domination.

    Definite potential here for an illustration, I agree! :D :D