Monday, 17 May 2010

A Little Ice-Cool Reading?

For all you cats who enjoy a little light reading at cocktail hour, please let me draw your attention to the wonder that is Ultra Swank. Here you'll discover retro delights from the 50s, 60s and 70s and everything from architecture and advertising to fashion and film. If you like your buildings Jetsons-style and enjoy a neatly creased pair of slacks, then click on the link and disappear for a good long while into the archives.

My favourites are the posts related to travel, as there are a number of brilliant old videos featuring mini-skirted air hostesses and nonchalantly smoking passengers. I hope you enjoy the video below. Just watch out that over vigorous dancing to this ice-cool music doesn't cause you to spill your Tom Collins onto your new shag-pile rug...

Image of Pacific Northwest Airlines Hostesses courtesy of Wired.

Getaway '68- Lounge Edit


  1. Too groovy for words. Love that music.

  2. Sounds so cool! How did you find it? That's a rethorical question, doesn't matter, I'm going to spend the last half hour in the office browsing throug Ultra Swank

  3. The music is something else, isn't it?! Hope you were grooving to it, Catherine!

    Polly- I'll tell you how I found this anyway! I was looking for some retro/vintage look photos online and just happened upon it. It's a brilliant site!