Thursday, 27 May 2010

The Blue Room

Following on from A Peacock's Tale...

George knew that there were other shades of blue that graced Thoresby Hall...

...shades of vivid cerulean upon the walls. The passage of time had seen the coverings fade and rot as Thoresby crumbled and collapsed in upon itself and fell into a cob-webbed slumber.

But slowly, slowly and piece by piece, Thoresby reawoke to pristine rococo style silk upon the walls; to newly restored and gilded plasterwork and a thousand other wonderful things. Blinking at the splendour, George knew that the house, his house, had reawoken to life.

Through the long, elegant windows, George could now see that lunches were being taken in the golden afternoon light, and delicately ornate dinners consumed by candlelight as the wallpaper cherubs looked on. It was a beautiful blue, to be sure, George conceded...but it could never be in the same league as him...


  1. George the Peacock? Did he tell you that? :)

    I love that blue on the wallpaper, I think it's called prussian blue, what do you think?

    Looks like an amazing place!

  2. Hahaha. George stayed enigmatically silent, but the hotel staff told me his name was George, and his hen is called Mildred (after an awful 70s sitcom).

    Prussian blue is certainly what it is. I was searching for the right name for it, thanks! It's a really amazing place. It's up near Sherwood Forest and the walks are beautiful. (Did I mention it has a spa as well :P )

  3. No blue could match the brilliance of George's blue! The photos are excellent, dreamy accompaniments. I wanted to sit right down at that table...with George. Lovely piece, Laura.


  4. Thanks Catherine. It was a beautiful place to have dinner (and afternoon tea). Equally lovely in daylight and by candlelight, I can't rate it highly enough!