Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Welcome to the Peep Show

It's a funny thing, personal style. By that I mean that I've been wondering about just what triggers our brains into making choices about our clothes and shoes. At the risk of sounding dull, I've found that upon closer examination of my wardrobe, I definitely have more than slight leanings towards certain colours, styles, shapes and patterns. That's not to say that I don't enjoy new trends, but even within seasonal fashion changes, my brain seeks out what I find the most appealing and interprets them to suit. 

Polly at Sotto Voce has written about her own wardrobe choices on a number of occasions, and Deanna Raybourn has recently been pondering personal style versus fashion. Maybe I'm an essentially nosy person, but I do enjoy a peek into other people's wardrobes as it's like a snapshot of a person's mind. 

Clothing choices give a glimpse into personality, but there's also more to it than that. Are the choices we make associated with a particular happy memory? Is it because the shape flatters or the colour suits us? Or is it because that pair of jeans or that dress just make you feel really good, make you smile and give you an extra spring in your step? My boyfriend, family and friends all have their own quirks and preferences that transcend current fashion, yet still manage to be part of it, and it's a wonderful thing. From a weakness for garish socks to a penchant for a Hello Kitty alice band; from huge knitted jumpers to stitching and embellishment...even a studious shunning of bright colour, each of them has something to say, and it's said through their clothing.

Peeptoe shoes are among my perennial choices, because there's something about a high heel and that hint of brightly painted toenail. They make me want to dance, and I think that if the clothes you buy make you feel brilliant, then they've already paid for themselves a million times over...

(NB- The pair of beautiful nonsense shoes above are from Shoe Missy who make retro style shoes and deliver in boxes covered in brown paper :) )

Photo by Me. 


  1. Hi Laura. I liked this post a lot - I think a lot about whether I am influenced too much by fashion or not enough sometimes :-) Most of the time I just do what I like, and I think personal style comes mostly from only wearing things that you love.

    Those shoes are amazing (I love peep-toes too - had a pair for my wedding, and have a yellow pair, a polka dot pair... the list goes on!). And that fabric - I believe I have that too (bed linen? :-P) x

  2. Hey Karen...I agree. I read magazines and keep myself up to date with the fashion world, but I certainly pick and choose. I think maybe those that don't are unsure of their style.

    I love my shoes, thanks! I have a polka dot pair too (green with black dots) and also the hottest pair of black patent ones that are VERY high. :)

    Hmm...the fabric. Bed linen is right. A certain Swedish retailer of homeware perhaps?! :P x

  3. Very Swedish, yes :-D

    I love heels but find so few opportunities to wear them. I recently bought a towering pair of tan peep-toe sandals on eBay and I love them but I have NO idea when to wear them. I like to march around on flats most of the time for practical reasons. Or should I just practise walking in heels more? x

  4. I bloody mindedly find opportunities to wear heels, but I do generally march around in flats as well!

    And I do practise too! Haha! :D x

  5. Yes, I agree with Karen, the shoes are amazing! You're lucky to be able to wear such high heels, my feet would kill me for that. And that colour is great.

    I know what they say about not judging by the cover but you're totally right that personal dress style says so much about a person...

  6. Thanks Polly :) These ones aren't the highest, not by a long stretch, but trust me, my feet don't usually thank me either (not that it stops me!)

  7. I worry about getting bunions the size of my mother's! I'm already on the way...

  8. I'm already there and wearing the t shirt, but I have to blame something, and I blame 1. Dancing and 2. Genes... :P