Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Toronto: More Pictures

I'm home and very tired! I suspect that I wouldn't be so tired if I had been able to get a little sleep on the plane, but it was not to be. For me and the very nice couple sat next to me, the best we could hope for was that the three women behind would desist in their swearing marathon for more than five minutes (which only seemed to happen when the duty free trolley duly arrived and they all bought 800 cigarettes apiece). I'm not going to turn this into a tirade about rude fellow passengers, but I will end my travel-tale with this: imagine my expression as I returned from the Ladies' to discover the smelly bare foot of the person behind me resting very comfortably on my own arm rest. I can tell you that this is an occasion when having bony elbows has benefits...

The real reason for this post was not to be grumpy (sorry), but as promised, I wanted to share some photos of Toronto, and hopefully show you what a wonderful time was had...

Canada Malting Company Plant.

This is such an interesting building. It's virtually crumbling away; there are metal stairs leading to nowhere and smashed and darkened windows. It's totally fenced off, but you can take a walk around the perimeter and admire the austere, industrial beauty of it. Maybe it will be transformed at some point, but I think I prefer the old plant like this.

 RMS Empress of Ireland Memorial and view towards CN Tower.

Not far from the derelict malting plant is a haunting series of roughly sculpted figures in various attitudes of despair. These are memorial statues to the victims of the Empress of Ireland, a liner that sunk after collision with another ship in the foggy St. Lawrence river in 1914. This particular statue cries out to the city in the distance.

Empress of Ireland Memorial.

Of all the memorials we've seen, this struck the strongest and truest chord for both myself and my boyfriend. We were mesmerised.

Canadian Ranger docked at Toronto Harbour.

Finally, I wanted to share the beautiful colours and glittering lights of the city and of Lake Ontario by night.

More photos and normal service to be resumed very soon.

All photos taken by my boyfriend, courtesy of his very brilliant eye. :)

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