Tuesday, 2 March 2010

By Way of Introduction

 The Royal Crescent, Bath, taken on a beautiful September day,

Hello Blogging World!

By way of a short introduction, I hope that this blog will be entertaining, with flashes of occasional enlightenment. I will make no secret of the fact that although my interests lie in many areas, I have a real passion for the eighteenth century; the personalities and events which shaped the time, as well as the fashion (oh, the fashion!), art and culture.

Consequently, there will be a lot of posts dedicated to the subject, but don't worry if that's not really your thing! I hope to chat here about anything and everything that is of interest. I hope I can reflect that interest into a blog posting, but more than that, I hope that my enthusiasm shines through, and my sincerest wish is that you enjoy what you read. That's about all that I could ask for, really.

So, please feel free to leave comments and thoughts. It's exciting to be let loose in the Blogging World, and I'm looking forward to the fun ahead.

There will be much more to come...