Saturday, 13 March 2010

The Butterfly Effect

Butterfly by my friend spandexgirl

My butterflies are alive and well. I know this seems like an odd choice of statement, but it's true. I've not taken leave of my senses and announced that actual butterflies are living inside me, but I mean my own, personal Butterfly Effect. It goes under various guises. Some people say their stomach is doing somersaults or flips, and some people say it exactly as it is, but I call the feeling butterflies, because that's how it seems to me.

That feeling when you're nervous, anxious even, but excited. It's anticipation, suspense, hope and wonder all rolled into one fluttering, soaring sensation. Waiting only makes the butterflies grow bigger and the hope grow stronger. The wings get bigger and take shape, and before you know it, they are ready to stretch out and to fly. That soft flutter becomes an insistent, persuasive beat that pushes you onwards...onwards and upwards and into the light.

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